Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Killing kids softly (with his smoke)

I saw him smoke near children,
I saw him light his fag,
So I went up to tell him:
He was a Scallywag,

And he was there this fat bloke,
puffing loud and strong,

Numbing the pain of his shit life,
Coughing scum up on the street.
Killing kids softly with his smoke.
killing them softly, with his smoke.
Coughing his guts out, on their lives.
Killing them softly, with his smoke.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

stinks and rats

every word is a choice
and every silence
every absence of a word
even the definite articles before nouns
you don’t have to use them
every capital letter or lower case
but you can
every dot and comma
every gesture with a finger or two fingers or a hand
every kiss or lick
every give,
and steal

most glorious you!
come speak your world with me!

our lives are poems,
wrought from the smell and taste and touch of words,
the smile in the eyes of a child,
the order you put them in,
the deliberate mistakes,
and stinks
and rats:
associations that shake and shape
and map and make,
the touch and move of it,
watching it flow by and through

the world is whispering to us
over and over:
we are all authors
of our own context