Friday, 25 June 2010

There must be something

There must be something that is good about me;
no other explanation makes any sense;

it just doesn’t make any sense that I’m a complete waste of space.

Why would the universe go to all the bother of making me in the first place,
if there wasn’t something that I’m useful for?

… How to find out what it is?

Friday, 18 June 2010

I think that might be a pussy cat

I think that might be a pussy cat
sitting on the grass in the sunshine two thirds of the way up the lawn with its back to me
but then again it might be a bucket
(my eyesight is not so good these days).

The sun shining off its back (cat or bucket) is almost dazzling.

The tail of the cat, or handle of the bucket (as case may be)
curls round contentedly.
Not surprising if the bucket is in fact a cat,
but curious if the cat is in fact a bucket.

Either the cat or the bucket is sitting up straight,
which I suppose for a bucket is not extraordinary,
and for a cat not uncommon either.

The bucket, if it is a bucket, has an artifact,
in just the place that a cat (if it is a cat) might have an ear.
And of course, if in fact the bucket is a cat,
it is not surprising that the cat has an ear in that place.

In conclusion,
either the cat looks like a bucket,
or the bucket looks like a cat,
or the sunshine is dazzling,
or the garden is beautiful,
or my eyesight is a tragedy.

But does it matter if the cat is a bucket,
or the bucket is a cat?