Saturday, 19 December 2009

Because you’re worth it

I just want you to know,
deep down in your bones,
that you are worth so much more than a cosmetic product.

I want you to feel the disgust I feel,
every time I hear them say that corny line.

I want you to feel my revulsion at their arrogance
to compare the worth of your extraordinary life and being
to anything so trivial as their skin cream.

How small does their regard for human beings have to be,
that they would make that repugnant comparison of worth?

I want to give you the freedom
to just say “no”.

To just say:
“I am worth so much more than a cosmetic product,
and so are all my friends and family.
I reject this disgusting marketing,
and I am going to take a stand against it by
never buying their product however good it may be.”

If we all stand together
we can wipe this scourge of vile marketing from
the face of the earth,
and the true worth of ourselves
and each other,
can once again,
shine in the clear light of day.

Why should we bother to stand up against the tyranny of degrading advertising?

Because you’re worth it.


The facebook group to go with this poem is here:
Because you're worth it facebook group

Mr Kipling

Mr Kipling's cake
was on this particular occasion
slightly disappointing
in the face of the relatively high expectations
the marketing had raised within me.

There was too little jam,
too much icing,
and for a cake that claimed to be bakewell in nature
there was exceedingly little bakewell about it.

I suppose even Mr Kipling makes a mistake or two
now and then.

But it isn't surprising when you think about it.
I have been up and down the length of the UK
and in just about every shop
on every street corner
in every town
up and down the land
there are several boxes of cakes
all made by Mister Kipling.

How does he do it?
He must get up exceedingly early.
I'm surprised that most of his cakes don't taste
completely disgusting
with so many cakes to bake each day.

How does he manage never to burn the fruit
If I was Mr Kippling, I would inevitably
forget about the cakes I had in the oven
while I was applying icing to the
the bakewell slices.

So if anybody's asking me,
and I realised that they're not,
Mr Kipling is an exceedingly hard worker.
And should be forgiven,
for coming up with cakes,
which, quite frankly,
taste like they have been mass-produced.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

To do list

End chronic persistent hunger
Provide sufficient opportunity globally for all people to have more than enough
Provide sufficient educational opportunities and support for violence to only occur between consenting adults
Develop our appreciation of diversity and difference
End dependence on fossil fuel and establish infrastructure for supply of renewable energy sources that exceed human needs
Stabilize global population
Stabilize global climate destabilization
Create terra-formation technologies and space technologies sufficient to comfortably house the entire population
Develop cell repair technology to extend life-spans to average 200 or more years of youthful healthy life
Provide sufficient educational opportunities and support for a self-designated and self-determined relationship
with the eternal to be readily available to all people
Have a big party