Saturday, 31 October 2009

I too married a Troll

I too married a Troll
Lost two or three Camelots to its filthy greed
And like Luther when my subjects pointed out the
Stench of its breath, the warts,
The tusks coming from the side of its mouth,
How it liked to roll around in shit,
And make enemies out of friends,
How it poisoned everything it touched
And croaked like a hoarse old hag,
When they tried to tell me
I flew into a rage
And cut off their heads.

Too bad in my version the Troll won the day
Arthur never woke from the cunning potion plan
That was meant to free my eyes with tears
He died on the floor where he’d swallowed
I had no words of wisdom from a secret dragon hidden under my castle
No Merlin’s spell to wake him
No Arthur to save me with a blow and a blade
No Genevieve to release the last final stench of its foul intestine
The troll’s sorcery was too powerful
For my limited magic.

Instead I fled my kingdom
A subject of mockery throughout all lands
Unable to divorce my beloved Troll
No princesses came calling after that.

But maybe one day,
Maybe one day I shall rise,
I shall rise as the Troll I became when I married one
And I shall have my revenge.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

For some miraculous or un-miraculous reason or absence of reason

For some miraculous or un-miraculous reason or absence of reason
The universe exists today
And when I consider the alternative
My heart bursts with joy