Thursday, 5 March 2009

Filipa Azul translated by Stewart J. Scott

Here are some wonderful poems sent to me today by my friend and a very special poet, artist and photographer, Filipa Azul. Filipa very kindly gave me permission to post them here.

You will see as you read them that they are quite delightful. At one and the same time ridiculously funny, tragic, poignant, urgent and compelling.

She asked me to post them both in the original Portuguese and the English tanslation by Stewart J. Scott. They are just the tip of the iceberg with Filipa's poetry. She is also a photographer and artist. I will post links to some of this when I find it, but for now you can at least enjoy these:

Filipa Azul Tradução do original português, para o inglês, de Stewart J. Scott

today there is nothing special that I really want...
bring me only a golden narwhale
Mr and Mrs green-pawed unicorn
half a dozen gnomes
... but from the oaks of the white forest!
a red-headed, mute mermaid
an honest politician
some ambrosia biscuits
and a small cup filled with the elixir of youth.
oh ... and the newspaper!
any will do ...
they are all full of good news.

hoje não me apetece nada de especial...
tragam-me só um narval dourado
um casal de unicórnios de patas verdes
meia-dúzia de gnomos
... mas dos carvalhos do bosque branco!
uma sereia ruiva e muda
um político íntegro
umas bolachinhas de ambrósia
e uma tacinha pequena com elixir da juventude.
ah... e o jornal!
um qualquer serve...
estão todos cheios de notícias boas.

on the 31st September,
without fail,
I will change my attitude

dia 31 de Setembro
sem falta
vou mudar de atitude

it's vital that technology evolves
it's vital to discover quickly
a way for the newspapers
the radio
the television
the internet
to give out a smell
I really want to see who can bear
the front page
the news bulletin
the TV news
the live coverage of the war
without vomiting
smell is crucial
for the education of the nausea

é urgente que a tecnologia evolua
é urgente que se descubra rapidamente
uma forma de os jornais
a rádio
a televisão
a internet
terem cheiro
sempre quero ver quem é que aguenta
as primeiras páginas
os noticiários
os telejornais
os directos da guerra
sem vomitar
é urgente o cheiro
para educar a náusea

Filipa Azul Tradução do original português, para o inglês, de Stewart J. Scott

Here is a link to some of Filipa's photographs:
Filipa Azul, photographer artist poet