Monday, 30 June 2008

Ad-word poems, ad-words poetry

Today I have invented a new poetic form.
To tell you the truth
(not quite sure why I feel obliged to do that, but anyway)
I doubt I am the first to have invented it.

It is called "Ad-word" poetry.
The rules are that you poem has to comply with Google Ad-words advertising rules.
Roughly the rules are similar to hai-ku, but only roughly.

The poem must be 3 lines (followed by a valid URL).
The first line has a maximum of 25 characters.
The second and third lines have a maximum of 35 characters.
The displayed destination URL also has a maximum of 35 characters.
Google apply some other rules as well, some of which are a bit arbitrary.

I actually started writing ad-word poems a couple or so months ago with my ad-word haiku which you can find earlier in this blog... in fact if allow any ad-word advert to count as an ad-word poem, then a couple of years ago or so at least.

But I only really started writing ad-words ads specifically to be poetic creations more recently.

It is fun to actually submit your poetic ad-word creations to Google. If you can manage to get them approved by google you then have a way of determining which are most appealing, because people will tend to click more on the ones they like (presumably).

Of course you don't have to submit them to google at all - you could just try out the form without actually creating corresponding google ad-words ads. (Oh, yes, the sky is indeed the limit).

Here is one I submitted to google today:

I used to pray to live
forever, but now I only pray to be
a poet, chasing the sunset.

An ad, you may say, that is "NOT by Google".

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Abstract Nouns

God and truth and death and sex:
  It’s all so simple and yet complex
  I aim for smiles but keep getting frowns
  So I'm trying to give up the damned abstract nouns

Abstraction (the word) is itself quite abstract.
  Am I stuck up my gastro-intes-tin-al tract?
  Is it time that I made a reality pact,
  And turn all my rhymes into matters of fact?

God and truth and sex and death:
  You tell me I'm only wasting my breath
  And my peer’s condemnation is doing the rounds
  So I’m going cold turkey on damned abstract nouns

Since I've been having my meaning unpacked
  I’m starting to see what my poems have lacked
  Like a grand inquisition is having me racked,
  And I’m forced to denounce all the nouns that abstract.

Truth and sex and death and god:
  I try to be normal – perhaps I'm just odd;
  Want to fly the trapeze but I'm put with the clowns.
  So I try to cut down on the damned abstract nouns.

But the more I resist them, the more they close in
  No chance of salvation from this poet’s sin
  The more that’s encompassed by any damned word
  The more that my clich├ęs are mocked as absurd

Sex and god and death and truth:
  I expect you'll be wanting a little more proof.
  How it is, as they say, is not quite how it’s stacked,
  And amongst all my blessings not one of them’s tact.

So you must forgive me for my subject’s scope:
  My ratings have fallen beyond any hope
  And for failing to see how the mundane astounds
  I’m condemned forever to damned abstract nouns.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

A sweet little pussy called Millie

A sweet little pussy called Millie
When younger was just slightly silly
But as she got older
And plans became bolder
She'd fly twice a year to Si-cily