Saturday, 29 September 2007

How many published poets share our name?

I realise there are plenty of other people in the world called as I am, and Dave Gorman famously made a career out of tracking down his name-sakes, and I know really EVERYBODY is a poet - more or less secretly, BUT!

This made me chuckle - really laugh out loud - when I did a search on my own name today, and discovered someone writing poetry saying it had been inspired by someone with my name... like that required no further explanation... Now I know I have had my moments - like my humiliation on the Richard and Judy show, and having poems translated into arabic and so on... BUT I'M NOT THAT FAMOUS!

And next comes the horrifying thought! Could it be possible that there are 2 (fairly) well-known poets called as I am and worse: the other one is way more popular!

With "Bindon" being a lastname only slightly more common than Humperdink, I am currently feeling like the lesser known of 2 singers called Engelbert.

That being the case I would like history to remember that I was the one who founded the "Emergency 24-hour Mobile Poets" way back in the early nineties. It might even have been late eighties... Who can remember that long ago.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

And bending down beside the glowing bars...


and bending down beside the glowing bars
murmur a little softly how love fled
and paced upon the mountains over head
and hid his face amid a crowd of stars


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

A hai-ku is a

A hai-ku is a
po-em with five syl-la-bles
in the first line and …

Hai-ku: three line po-
Em, five syl-la-bles in first
Line, se-ven in sec-

Three line po-em with
five syl-la-bles, then se-ven,
then five in the last

Hai-ku: three line po
-em, five syl-la-bles, then se
-ven, five in the last

Hai-ku: three lines. Five,
se-ven, five syl-la-bles. Tends
to be (a) bit snea-ky.

Hai-ku: three lines. Five,
se-ven, five syl-la-bles; Oft-
-en a bit snea-ky.

Here's the real deal

Sunday, 16 September 2007

My life has been a kind of prayer

My life has been a kind of prayer
Lived backwards
Instead of praying 2 live
I hav livd 2 pray

Foolishly Blieving that simply
Wanting, in public,
the world 2 rise
Cud make it so

Of course, howevR,
I am not dead yet...