Thursday, 29 March 2007

Britney Spears' Sister

The world has become full up, it seems,
of people pretending to be Britney Spears' sister.

I did a google search after
A friend I hadn't seen for 5 years
called to say
he had met Britney Spears' sister
(that Britney Spears
whose initials are only coincidentally B.S.)
in an internet chat room
and was moving to L.A.
(a city so arrogant that it is known only by its initials)

For a long while I wondered whether
he was making fun of me
or whether he/she/whoever was making fun of him
or whether
as I suppose is a possibility I could not entirely rule out
HE REALLY HAD met Britney Spears' sister
in an internet chat room
and SHE REALLY HAD invited him to L.A.
(a city so arrogant that it is known only by its initials)

Then I realised,
that it didn't really matter
what the truth of any of this was

For there is one person on earth who you can bet your life
is right now pretending to be Britney Spears' sister
and that is
Admittedly she does it professionally,
whereas the rest of us pretenders
(we may make a bob or two out of it here and there)
we are mostly much closer to amateurs

And I for one have always preferred the company of deceivers
who were doing it for love

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Leaving Stuff ( )

I keep hearing these words of wisdom about poetry
its not what you put in, its what you leave ( )
like I should have probably left ( ) those brackets
or someone like the pope of poetry
will refute the validity of my ( )

Some are considered to be worth more
some phrases
some combinations
well otherwise
there would be no game
nothing to play for
no prizes to win
no laureates to bestow
some poems surely are better, aren't they!

Its not what you put in, its what you leave ( )

Some words are harder to avoid
Like stupidity, aging, regret, foolishness, resentment, fear,
anonymity, failure, childlessness, loneliness, oblivion

The dull tick tick tick
of an empty life
seeping gradually to nothing

That's why
when I come to write a poem
I don't leave ANYTHING ( )
(not even brackets)

Sunday, 11 March 2007

I try not to think of poetry as being gd or bd

I try not to think of poetry as being gd or bd
Instead I try to think of it as applicable or inapplicable
Serving a particular purpose or not
Appropriate or inappropriate
Useful to resolve a given grief or dilema - or else not

From time to time
A rubbish piece of poetry
has saved my life
or set me free
or turned an old sadness into a new joy

It is power of poetry, language, collage, hexagons and all art
The power of planning and alignment
The power of simply telling the truth
The power of owning up to an old lie
Strangely the axis on which the universe turns
In the beginning, god SAID
Just what she said remains a mystery
The significant thing is that at the very least she said SOMETHING
Rather than nothing
And as far as I can tell
that is the difference between
a gd poet
and a bd one

Monday, 5 March 2007

How long have I been stupid for ?

How long have I been stupid for ?
40 years, maybe
And each enlightenment brings with it a realisation of
Greater and deeper stupidity
For example, for example
Realising for the first time
That what Pinter was up to was a matter of
Show Don't Tell
And how despite my best intentions
I regularly tell instead of showing
This "poem" for example lies so close to the line
Between showing and telling
That it only manages to show by telling
And only manages to tell by showing